Cutting through the Noise
Arabia Monitor distills its research into executive-friendly bullet point format, ensuring our views are clear and our analysis concise. Our Vision Covering some of the most complex emerging and frontier markets, Arabia Monitor is strategically positioned to provide timely research and insightful analysis, to help clients make informed decisions on how best to hedge the risks and capitalize on the opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).   Find out how we can add... Read more
Privileged Access
Arabia Monitor offers a competitive advantage by collaborating with high-level decision makers who add valuable insights from a position of authority. Our Edge As the globalized economy becomes more interconnected, even firms with no direct business in MENA could see their worldwide operations severely affected in light of geo-political and macroeconomic changes in that region. Arabia Monitor’s expertise and access to high level decision makers allows us to cut through the noise and present... Read more
Ahead Of The Curve
Arabia Monitor's forward-looking perspective allows us to place regional developments in a broader context and deliver strategic investment and decision making insights to our clients. Our Approach Arabia Monitor’s expertise lies within its human capital. With 80+ years of relevant MENA experience, our team of analysts, native to the MENA region, benefit from a thorough understanding of complex regional dynamics. Our presence in London and New York infuses an international perspective into... Read more
Regional transitions at critical turning points - AM Monthly March 2014
The Arabia Monitor team analyses developments in MENA this month where regional transitions are now at a critical turning point. Arabia Monitor’s monthly publication provides a timely snapshot of most notable recent developments in the dynamic MENA region. Our analysts get past the news to deliver the core, forward looking conclusions that markets-oriented readers look for.   Will the recent resignation of Egypt’s cabinet further or hinder the roadmap?   What is the... Read more
Analyst Position – Middle East and North Africa
Arabia Monitor’s MENA analyst position is a challenging program of diverse work experience in the field of macroeconomic and market analysis. Analysts benefit from mentoring, hands-on training and teamwork that equip them with the skills and tools to carry out solid macroeconomic, sector-specific and investment related research. To be eligible for the program, candidates should: - Possess (or be receiving) a Master’s degree in economics from a top university in the UK. Applications from... Read more
MENA Outlook Q2 2014  - Iran-Arab Relations: Resuming age-old neighborly ties?
We study pre-revolution ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia to provide insight as to where relations between these two regional hegemons could be headed next. The MENA Outlook publication presents Arabia Monitor’s insights on global markets, outlines and analyses regional future trends and defining themes, and then focuses on individual country macroeconomic views. Each publication is laid out in a concise bullet point format and features a Special Feature interview with regional leaders... Read more
The Arab Spring 3 years on: Navigating the vortex - Arabia Monitor contributes to Caixin China Reform Magazine
Caixin's monthly China Reform Magazine published an Arabia Monitor article "The Arab Spring 3 years on: Navigating the vortex".  Read more
Sino-Saudi relations: Not just a marriage of convenience - Dr Florence Eid in Asharq Alawsat
Asharq Alawsat, the Arab International daily, publishes an article drawn from Arabia Monitor's latest report studying trade and investment relations between Saudi Arabia and China. Read more
Morocco looks to West Africa for rising exports - Arabia Monitor cited in The National UAE
Adam Bouyamourn cites Arabia Monitor's report "Morocco: Looking in its backyard to move forward" highlighting that exports to West African countries have grown by eightfold over the last decade as rapid development drives demand for primary exports. Read more
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    Speaking Engagements With a wealth of experience and an unparalleled depth of research into the macroeconomic and geopolitical landscape of the MENA region, Dr Florence Eid's can deliver to your audience, highly…
  • GCC Airline Hubs
    GCC Airline Hubs Dubai International Airport overtook Heathrow during the first two months of 2014 as the world's busiest airport. Several other GCC airports are following suit with a massive expansion pipeline, expecting…
  • RMB Internationalization
    RMB Internationalization As of 2013, China's currency, the Renminbi (RMB) became the world's 8th most traded currency in the world. As Chinese interests in the MENA region expand, will the GCC become…
  • Bespoke Research Services
    Bespoke Research Services Arabia Monitor offers sector research services for in-depth analysis of MENA economic sectors, to help support the pre-investment and portfolio management process. We also offer equity research, with a specialization…